A couple of TinyTardies
Tamikan Space Gal Ife with a brood of TinyTardiesA brood of TinyTardiesTamikan Space Gals with TinyTardiesTamikan Space Gal Naora with TinyTardies
HereComesTheSun Tamikan Space Pet Tardigrade and a brood of TinyTardiesA brood of TinyTardiesTinyTardies sizeTinyTardies
TinyTardieA couple of TinyTardiesA couple of TinyTardiesTinyTardie
A couple of TinyTardiesA couple of TinyTardiesTinyTardieTinyTardie
TinyTardieTinyTardieTinyTardieCircling TinyTardies

Tamikan Space Tardigrades've got a small addition to the family: newly hatched TinyTardies!

They are mini dolls 3.7 cm (1.5") long with 4 joints with the very hind pair of legs forming a closed ring so they can be worn as pendants or charms.

Usually we have several colours to choose from, they are priced from 40€ depending on tint. If you'd like to purchase a lil' water bear (or more!), please, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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